day fourty nine.

For the very first time in 50 days, I forgot to post.  I spent the day at home with a cold yesterday, and by the time I woke up this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to post.  On the one hand, it’s like how could I forget, I sat at home all day.  On the other hand, well, you know that feeling when you’re sick and everything else just doesn’t really matter.  I decided since I only missed one day I would just pretend like yesterday didn’t even exist and keep up the instead of today being day 50, the halfway mark, I’m going to keep it at 49.  The OCD in me is a little bit excited about this, because day 50 will now fall on a new month instead of holding off at the end of October.

Anyway, I’m still not feeling too ears are ringing so bad that even the sound of my keyboard causes a headache, and I’m about ready to eat an entire bag of cough drops in one sitting.  But none of that matters, because I’m here to post the long awaited 49th post!  Yahoo!  Remember that couple I posted a few days ago?  I finally finished their engagement shoot, so I thought I’d share a few more with you!

Also, Happy Halloween! :)



day fourty one.

God has blessed me with a bunch of photo shoots this week…I am so thrilled to finally feel like my photography is a job now, not just a hobby.  I was able to do an engagement shoot today, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  The fall leaves were lovely shades of fiery oranges and reds, and the couple was so beautifully in love that I might or might not have gotten a tiny bit choked up as I was editing.  They are just so sweet together.  So my photo of the day is one of my favorites that I’ve edited so far.  It’s a black and white, so unfortunately you can’t see all the pretty colors, but I think the sweet couple makes up for that. :)


day thirty six.

I get to see my fiance tomorrow! It’s been a few weeks since I saw him last, so I’m a wee bit excited to see him this weekend.  I also think this gives me a good excuse to post the pictures I took of him the last time we were together.  He’s pretty cute, not gonna lie.  :)

day twenty seven.

Twenty-seven!?  The only down side of this project is that it forces me to see how fast my life is moving right now…sheesh.

Well, I’m going to be honest…I’m going to cheat for today’s picture.  I took it yesterday.  But if I wouldn’t have said anything you would never have known, so at least I’m not trying to deceive you! This little guy was wandering around outside the mansion I was at, and he was too cute not to take a couple shots of.  I mean, look at that adorable face!  (Sorry to all you cat-haters.)

Now off to write my post for the Bridal Tuesdays Blog post on Idea! Weddings & Events Blog! Check it out sometime tomorrow!


day fourteen.

I can’t believe I’ve already been doing this for two weeks. Time goes by so fast..I’m already 14% done with this 100 day challenge!  Today’s photo is someone very dear to my heart.  Someone who never listens to a word I say, yet I love him anyway.

My dog, who else?

Phoenix is a little white puff who, at 77 years old (dog years of course), still manages to get into the trash and beg at the kitchen table on a daily basis.  We always tell him (because we’re one of those families that talks to our dog like he’s just another member of the family), if he wasn’t so cute, he’d be out on the street.  Of course, it’s not exactly true.  If he wasn’t so cute we probably just wouldn’t have bought him in the first place.  But he’s our constant source of great jokes and fun..what family dog isn’t, right?  As bad as he is most of the time…and I really mean most of the time…he’s the first dog to steal my heart.  Don’t freak out, but I’m actually more of a cat person.  Sickening to most of you, I know, but I figured I should probably just get that out in the open.  So here is my sweet puppy, who goes by a variety of nicknames, including but not limited to phoneash, neash, meesh, meesh-mash, sweet meash, and sweetspeets.  Oh, and troll.   Now that all of you are gagging from puppy love, take a good look at him and tell me he doesn’t make you squeal with adoration.

day ten.

What a fantastic day.  The fiance and I got free tickets to the Real Marriage conference with pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill church in Seattle.  Let me tell you, I was so super pumped, cause I’ve been watching Driscoll’s sermons since my junior year of high school. So to not only seem him teach in person but to also hear him give advice on marriage, the most important thing coming up in my life, was such an incredible blessing.

If you haven’t heard of Real Marriage and are married, engaged, or have ever even thought about getting married, I suggest you look it up like asap, maybe even buy the book, and take in everything you can.

To be honest, some of it was hard to hear.  No one enjoys realizing all the mistakes they’re making in the most significant relationship they’ve ever been in.  But it was also some of the most encouraging nights as well.  God’s definitely preparing and teaching me to become an honorable wife to this amazing man.

So again, this weekend my photos will all be from my phone, and today’s pics will be a very brief overview of my night at Real Marriage. Have a lovely evening folks!