day fourty three.

Just a warning, this weekend is the first possibility that I might not be able to post.  I’m going on a fall retreat with my fiance’s youth group, and there’s a chance I might not have good service, therefore no internet, therefore no post.  I’m going to try my hardest though.  As for today, I’m posting early for once, but I’m in a rush because I need to leave for Indianapolis in about, oh, an hour ago.  Whoops.  So today’s picture is just another from the family shoot I did last night..Happy Wednesday all! :)


day nineteen.

Well what started as a photo shoot of my relaxing afternoon sitting on our back porch by a nice fire quickly turned into some pictures of the sun peeking through the trees.  I was just taking a few pictures of the fire and reading a book when I heard a bird (a very loud, slightly obnoxious bird I might add) up in the tree next to me.  I thought, maybe it’s a large bird since it’s so dang loud, and maybe that would be a fun photo for the day.  So I ventured over to the tree, looking for said bird like I’m Steve Irwin on a crocodile hunt and, like birds tend to do when they hear someone coming towards them, it disappears, faster than I can even catch a glimpse.  Instead, as I’m looking up into the now bird-less tree, I find something even better.  Why, it’s the sun, of course!



And of course, I should add a few photos of my luxurious fireside relaxation time.  Have a lovely Sunday! :)


day eighteen.

Well, I’m back to posting as late as I possibly can without missing the 12:00 deadline I’ve tried to set for myself…  The photos today are a bit abstract; I got a few shots of the bright moon. And I mean bright.  I can easily walk through my back yard without a flashlight.  I have to say I was pretty excited with some of the effects I got when taking these photos.  Once I had enough photos of the plain ol’ moon, I kept the shutter open and messed with the light. I tried to spell out my name for the last picture, and failed miserably.  Guess that’s what I get for attempting the cliche blurry light effects…


My epic light-spelling fail:

Are there any photo projects you’d like to see on my 100 days of photography challenge?  I’ve still got 82 days left, and I’m bound to need a little help at some point.  Feel free to suggest an idea or two (or 82!) and I’d be happy to try!