day thirty nine.

Matt and I had our engagement pictures taken today!  Here’s a sneak preview!


Well, this is just an instagram picture; the actual photos were taken by D.I.A. Images of Fort Wayne, and we’re pretty pumped to see how they turn out.  I would write more about it but it’s been one long day and I’m ready to crash.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! :)


day thirty four.

Today was a simple day, full of lounging and wedding planning.  Let’s just call it like it is, I was kind of a bum today and forgot to take a picture.  But I can’t let you down, so here’s photo of my sweet puppy and some homemade chai tea.  Took it on instagram this morning, and figured it was worthy enough to be on my 100 days project.  Have a great night, all!