day fourty six.

This doesn’t really feel like a legitimate post because what I really want to write about I don’t currently have a picture of.  The worship at the youth retreat tonight…I have never seen or heard anything like it.  I don’t even know how to describe the depth of the emotions in that room, or the power of their voices as they sang at the top of our lungs about the God who loves and saves us.  I am just so blessed to know I get to be fully a part of this with my husband in just 4 months.  Gosh I am so sorry I don’t have a picture for you.  I can only give you a glimpse with a picture of the stage.  Maybe I can get a video posted sometimes this week. 



day twenty one.

I really can’t believe I’m already on day twenty one of 100 days of photography.  Seriously incredible.  But I tell ya, it feels SO good to finally commit to something and stick with it.  Yesterday I did everything in pink.  Today, everything is orange.

Can I just sidetrack for a moment though to say how thankful I am for how God has blessed me lately??  Because of this blog, I’ve been on wordpress one day (two days ago) I decided to look at some other people’s blogs.  I happened to stumble upon a wedding blog in Canada searching for a ‘bridal blogger’ to post all about her wedding planning woes and wonders.  Well, it seemed like a bit of fun, so I thought I’d send in a paragraph and try to see if I might be chosen as their bridal blogger.  I found out the next day (yesterday) that I was chosen as the American blogger, and will be featured every Tuesday until my wedding! Holy cow talk about flattery!  I just felt like it was God’s way of encouraging me to keep on being creative and doing what I love; that I don’t have to be content with the mundane things forever.  He is so good and knows exactly how to encourage us when we need it most.  So I wrote my first post and it was published this morning…you can find me at the Idea! Weddings and Events blog.  While you’re at it, you should follow them, cause they’re pretty awesome.

Anyway, sidetrack moment over.  Here are all the ‘orange things’ I found!  Orange you glad I didn’t pick pink again today?  (sorry..had to..)



Happy Tuesday, all!

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