day fourty nine.

For the very first time in 50 days, I forgot to post.  I spent the day at home with a cold yesterday, and by the time I woke up this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to post.  On the one hand, it’s like how could I forget, I sat at home all day.  On the other hand, well, you know that feeling when you’re sick and everything else just doesn’t really matter.  I decided since I only missed one day I would just pretend like yesterday didn’t even exist and keep up the instead of today being day 50, the halfway mark, I’m going to keep it at 49.  The OCD in me is a little bit excited about this, because day 50 will now fall on a new month instead of holding off at the end of October.

Anyway, I’m still not feeling too ears are ringing so bad that even the sound of my keyboard causes a headache, and I’m about ready to eat an entire bag of cough drops in one sitting.  But none of that matters, because I’m here to post the long awaited 49th post!  Yahoo!  Remember that couple I posted a few days ago?  I finally finished their engagement shoot, so I thought I’d share a few more with you!

Also, Happy Halloween! :)



day fourty one.

God has blessed me with a bunch of photo shoots this week…I am so thrilled to finally feel like my photography is a job now, not just a hobby.  I was able to do an engagement shoot today, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  The fall leaves were lovely shades of fiery oranges and reds, and the couple was so beautifully in love that I might or might not have gotten a tiny bit choked up as I was editing.  They are just so sweet together.  So my photo of the day is one of my favorites that I’ve edited so far.  It’s a black and white, so unfortunately you can’t see all the pretty colors, but I think the sweet couple makes up for that. :)


day thirty nine.

Matt and I had our engagement pictures taken today!  Here’s a sneak preview!


Well, this is just an instagram picture; the actual photos were taken by D.I.A. Images of Fort Wayne, and we’re pretty pumped to see how they turn out.  I would write more about it but it’s been one long day and I’m ready to crash.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! :)

it can’t get any better than this.

Oh my gosh….

I’m engaged!! Ahhh!!!!

It’s actually been a week since the proposal but it’s been such a flurry of planning, organizing, scheduling, and just general busyness that I haven’t had the chance to post.

My goodness, I can’t even explain what it feels like to know that I’m getting married in just 10 1/2 months.  It may seem like a long time now, but I already know it’s going to go faster than I could ever imagine.

Being the planner that I am, I’ve already booked like half of the stuff that needs to be booked, including both the ceremony and reception venue and the honeymoon resort.  I’ve started collecting centerpieces (I’m doing a DIY project, but I probably won’t post all of that until after the wedding..don’t want to spoil it for any guests!), and we’ve almost booked a photographer.  We’ve figured out colors and we know the basic style, and we’ve even got a guest list almost completely finished.

Yes.  All of this has happened in one week.  And already it has been one of the most exciting weeks of my life; I live for this kind of crazy organization.

But the thing that gets me the most excited is not all the planning and all the details.  Although I thoroughly enjoy all of those things, none of it holds any comparison to the fact that in just 316 days, I am marrying my best friend.  God has given me this man, a man who knows exactly how to take care of me and protect my heart.  I trust him with my life, and I can’t wait to officially share that life with him.  I’m so excited to work in ministry with him, to spread God’s truth together and further His kingdom.    I feel that it is becoming a rare thing to find a man who loves Jesus first, and who wants to have a family completely focused on Christ.  How blessed I am to have found exactly this kind of man in my fiance, Matt. In my eyes, he is the perfect example of what a man should be.  It is such a beautiful thing that I get to call him my husband in less than a year.

Call me overly sentimental, but just writing all of this gets me teary eyed.  I am so thankful that my God is so loving that he would save such an amazing man just for me.   And now I get to plan a wedding with him.  I AM SO PUMPED, PEOPLE. Sheesh.  I can’t wait. :)


Taken right after he asked me to marry him.  (I said yes, of course.) :)