day fourty.

Well I think I can officially say I failed at posting today…unless you live on the west coast, then I’m still technically posting way before midnight.   I’ll take the side of optimism just to make myself feel better.  It’s funny, because I was working on my photography all day today, and it was the one day I completely forgot to post my picture of the day.  Hilarious how things work like that.   Anyway, since I spent so much time editing today I figured I would post some of my work.  I took my best friend’s little brother’s senior pictures this afternoon and I’m pretty excited with how they turned out.  He was really easy to photograph; very relaxed and natural which made it so easy for me.  It’s the first set of senior photos I’ve done in a while, so I had a blast going through end editing these.



emily kay photography 2012 all rights reserved.



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