day thirty two.

I’m starting a new photography session, and I was able to use my lovely mom and step dad as my test models for this idea.  As my photography business grows a little bit, I’d like to start a session called “Homebodies” where I capture families in their homes, doing everyday things and spending time together, whether it be baking, playing a game, having a cookout, or simply taking a walk through the neighborhood.  Although I have seen this done by some other photographers, I actually came up with the thought of doing it through a dream I had a few months ago.  I was doing this particular project in the dream, and I kept calling it my “homebody project.”  And voila, I woke up with a plan.  Why Homebodies? Because in my house that’s what we call people who love to be at home.  So thanks to my parents, I’m able to give you guys the first glimpse of, hopefully, a very fun and exciting new side to my business!




4 thoughts on “day thirty two.

  1. A) You look JUST like your mom!
    B) They are so adorable together.
    C) That would be an awesome idea! I think that’s more personal and interesting than any other photography I see of people nowadays!

    • Thanks!! I think they’re super cute too, they’re that adorable with each other every single day. I love it. And yea, I get that a lot. Most people think she’s my sister haha :)

  2. I’ve seen this done, and love it! Spending a day (or portion of the day) with a family and creating memories of “normal” life. I like your name for this style! Best wishes Em!

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