day thirty.

Thirty days down, seventy to go….with that perspective, it feels like an eternity of picture-taking.  Somehow, I’ve come up with at least something everyday, and that’s pretty cool.  The biggest thing I kept asking myself was whether or not it’s really making a difference.  Well, I reached 200 total likes today..I know that’s really not a whole lot (like at all…), but hey, it’s better than 100, right?

So I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you who like my posts, especially those of you who do it on a consistent basis.  It’s amazing what even a little bit of support can do!  I’m hoping by the middle of this photo project I can start bringing in some new elements, maybe more writing or a few DIY projects but for now, with my wedding just 149 days away, it’s been hard to focus on more than just my daily photos.  I’m sure you understand.  If not, well, obviously that doesn’t matter because you’re still reading ;)



Happy 10.11.12!


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