day twenty eight.

It was one of those cozy fall days where all I wanted to do was cuddle up in my bed with a good book and a thick sweatshirt.  Well, I’m not cuddled up in bed but I did read for a bit and I’m wearing the perfect sweatshirt.  Late nights and not as much sleep as I’d prefer are the prices I have to pay for having a busy life lately..

Since today seemed so cozy, I decided to share the comfort with you all, just in case you aren’t feeling the fall fuzzies yet.  Below are a few things that make me feel like dropping everything I’m doing just to sit down and relax for once.

1.  Candles.  I love the smell; how you can close your eyes and instantly feel like plopping down on the couch with a big blanket with the smell of ‘pumpkin harvest’ or ‘winter evergreen.’

2. Slippers.  If you don’t have a pair, go this instant and buy some.  Your life will never feel more relaxed, I promise.

3. Unmade beds.  (unless you don’t know whose bed it is..that’s just weird. And slobby)  I know beds with the covers pulled up nice and pillows placed in perfect order are fantastic as a welcoming factor, but when a bed is unmade, it’s just calling for you to lay down, take a nap, and forget about the daily stress.

4. Sweaters.  Does this need an explanation?  Sweaters are pure heaven.

5. A few good reads.  Really, books are great for any season.  I could read all day long.

6. Fireplace.  (preferably with the fire.) We actually have a fire in our fireplace right now, and I was going to take a picture, but I would much rather finish up this post and go snuggle up by the real fire than edit a picture of one, thank you very much.


So there.  Go feel cozy, friends. :)


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