day twenty six

What a weekend it’s been! Matt’s church had a staff retreat tonight, so I got to tag along for the first half and hang out with some pastors’ gets me so excited to move down here to Indy to be with all these amazing people.  The retreat was held at the most beautiful home, although mansion is definitely the more appropriate term.  It was the former home of a dentist in town who moved and decided to turn the house into a ministry getaway spot.  I just wanted to stay there a whole week, curling up in all the beds in all the huge cozy bedrooms (there were at least 5 that I know of) and cooking elaborate meals in the kitchen of my dreams. Maybe someday….
I didn’t get any pictures of the house…now regretting that decision…but I did snag a few shots of the back yard and some of the scenery around the house.  I mean seriously I could have sat on the back porch all day and that would have been good enough for me.





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