day twenty.

Well I thought I’d be more excited about the project within a project I have planned for this week..I decided for the next five days to photograph things by their color…and today I just happened to pick pink, mainly because I’m wearing a pink sweater.  My thought process went something like “hmm, what should I do for my challenge today..what should I do for this week?  [mom says something about colors] Fantastic idea! What color to start with? ..Pink sweater…Pink! [begin searching for pink things] ….[keep searching for pink things] …”  Guys, I don’t have a lot of pink things.  Probably because pink is NOT my favorite color.  Now coral, that’s a color I could be around every day of my life, but pink..ehh a bit too super-girly for my taste.  But I was determined to get some shots of a bit of pink.  And this is what I came up with.  To be honest, I’m not that thrilled about it, but it’ll do for today, as I have..I mean get to go to work soon. (hey, at least I’m trying to be somewhat optimistic here!)  Also, ignore my mess of an excuse for hair I’ve got goin’ on, I’m trying out that all natural look to make my hair grow faster for my weddin’.




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