day seventeen.

For once, I’m posting before 10pm!  I kinda have to though, cause I’m working from 1 till who knows when and I don’t want to forget about it.  Also because I’m posting breakfast pictures today and it only makes sense to post earlier in the day.  (Although I’m all for having breakfast at any time of the day.)  I can’t take credit for making this delicious breakfast, my lovely mother did all the work.  But I took the pictures, so maybe that counts for something?  Either way, this morning was a bit of an experiment..we tried out this new (actually ancient) flour called “einkorn” flour.  It’s new to us, but it’s actually the way flour existed thousands of years ago.  It’s completely organic, GMO free, and the gluten in it is easier to digest than regular gluten.  I apologize, I don’t actually have the recipe for these pancakes, but they were pretty tasty all the same!


All rights reserved 2012 Emily Kay Photography


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