day thirteen.

Another busy day.  I think I should start planning my photos ahead of time..the whole point of this 100 day challenge is to get better, not to stay at the same level simply because I didn’t take the time.  Anyway today I was thinking about what my pictures could be today..I was really at a loss until I got to work.  It was just one of those days where I didn’t want to be there. I work as an office cleaner at  night, pretty much all by myself, so it tends to get pretty boring.  The longer I’ve been working as a cleaner, the more desperate I am to go to Indy and have a new job, preferably one where I see daylight..
I got particularly frustrated with my job tonight. I left for work later than I wanted to, drove all the way to work only to realize I forgot one of my building keys.  So I had to drive all the way back and pick it up.  Just one of those little things that makes you want to quit purely out of irritation.  Well as I’m cleaning one of my buildings, I come across a series of paintings.  I know this will seem silly, but every time I’m mad, I look at these paintings and feel a little bit better.  They’re the kind of paintings you would find at a grandmother’s house, but if I got ahold of them I’d put them in my own house in a heartbeat simply because they make me happy while I work at a job I don’t particularly enjoy.  It’s just a small way of seeing that there is something good to be found in the things we don’t like in life. Even if it’s a couple of silly paintings in an office building.





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