day ten.

What a fantastic day.  The fiance and I got free tickets to the Real Marriage conference with pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill church in Seattle.  Let me tell you, I was so super pumped, cause I’ve been watching Driscoll’s sermons since my junior year of high school. So to not only seem him teach in person but to also hear him give advice on marriage, the most important thing coming up in my life, was such an incredible blessing.

If you haven’t heard of Real Marriage and are married, engaged, or have ever even thought about getting married, I suggest you look it up like asap, maybe even buy the book, and take in everything you can.

To be honest, some of it was hard to hear.  No one enjoys realizing all the mistakes they’re making in the most significant relationship they’ve ever been in.  But it was also some of the most encouraging nights as well.  God’s definitely preparing and teaching me to become an honorable wife to this amazing man.

So again, this weekend my photos will all be from my phone, and today’s pics will be a very brief overview of my night at Real Marriage. Have a lovely evening folks!






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