day seven.

Another simple post today, but I really couldn’t resist.  The clouds today were extra bright and puffy; it felt like they set the mood for the cool, fall weather we’re having lately and I couldn’t be more excited.  It made me ready for sweaters and apple cider and all the best holidays.  Ahhh.  Fall.  In a few days I’ll be able to take pictures of the new colorful trees…that’ll be a fun day for sure.

Anyway..todays pictures are, obviously, clouds.  You know when the clouds are just the right shape and size that it makes the sky look even bigger than it already is?  That’s how the clouds looked today.  I just wish that a camera could catch how infinite it is, but at least I can get little pieces here and there.  All I gotta say is, God really knows how to make the sky look incredible every single day.


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