day nineteen.

Well what started as a photo shoot of my relaxing afternoon sitting on our back porch by a nice fire quickly turned into some pictures of the sun peeking through the trees.  I was just taking a few pictures of the fire and reading a book when I heard a bird (a very loud, slightly obnoxious bird I might add) up in the tree next to me.  I thought, maybe it’s a large bird since it’s so dang loud, and maybe that would be a fun photo for the day.  So I ventured over to the tree, looking for said bird like I’m Steve Irwin on a crocodile hunt and, like birds tend to do when they hear someone coming towards them, it disappears, faster than I can even catch a glimpse.  Instead, as I’m looking up into the now bird-less tree, I find something even better.  Why, it’s the sun, of course!



And of course, I should add a few photos of my luxurious fireside relaxation time.  Have a lovely Sunday! :)


day eighteen.

Well, I’m back to posting as late as I possibly can without missing the 12:00 deadline I’ve tried to set for myself…  The photos today are a bit abstract; I got a few shots of the bright moon. And I mean bright.  I can easily walk through my back yard without a flashlight.  I have to say I was pretty excited with some of the effects I got when taking these photos.  Once I had enough photos of the plain ol’ moon, I kept the shutter open and messed with the light. I tried to spell out my name for the last picture, and failed miserably.  Guess that’s what I get for attempting the cliche blurry light effects…


My epic light-spelling fail:

Are there any photo projects you’d like to see on my 100 days of photography challenge?  I’ve still got 82 days left, and I’m bound to need a little help at some point.  Feel free to suggest an idea or two (or 82!) and I’d be happy to try!

day seventeen.

For once, I’m posting before 10pm!  I kinda have to though, cause I’m working from 1 till who knows when and I don’t want to forget about it.  Also because I’m posting breakfast pictures today and it only makes sense to post earlier in the day.  (Although I’m all for having breakfast at any time of the day.)  I can’t take credit for making this delicious breakfast, my lovely mother did all the work.  But I took the pictures, so maybe that counts for something?  Either way, this morning was a bit of an experiment..we tried out this new (actually ancient) flour called “einkorn” flour.  It’s new to us, but it’s actually the way flour existed thousands of years ago.  It’s completely organic, GMO free, and the gluten in it is easier to digest than regular gluten.  I apologize, I don’t actually have the recipe for these pancakes, but they were pretty tasty all the same!


All rights reserved 2012 Emily Kay Photography

day sixteen.

I am a bargain shopping dominator.





All of this, for a grand total of $23.  I’m telling you, if you’ve never shopped at a thrift store, you are missing out COMPLETELY.  I went to Forever21 to find some cute fall/engagement outfits and couldn’t find a single sweater for under $15 each..which isn’t terrible.. but then I decided, hey, why not go to a thrift store?

So I did, of course.

I got the coat for $10, all the tops for $4 each, and the shoes for $3.  If you’re weird about buying other people’s clothes, just remember: there’s this thing called a washing actually cleans other people’s clothes, as well as your own!  However, I don’t usually suggest buying shoes from a thrift store, you don’t know what people’s feet have been into.  I just happened to buy a pair today because, well I really couldn’t pass up these shoes.  I mean..$3, and they’re in pretty good condition….I’ll risk it to have some fashionista feet.


day fourteen.

I can’t believe I’ve already been doing this for two weeks. Time goes by so fast..I’m already 14% done with this 100 day challenge!  Today’s photo is someone very dear to my heart.  Someone who never listens to a word I say, yet I love him anyway.

My dog, who else?

Phoenix is a little white puff who, at 77 years old (dog years of course), still manages to get into the trash and beg at the kitchen table on a daily basis.  We always tell him (because we’re one of those families that talks to our dog like he’s just another member of the family), if he wasn’t so cute, he’d be out on the street.  Of course, it’s not exactly true.  If he wasn’t so cute we probably just wouldn’t have bought him in the first place.  But he’s our constant source of great jokes and fun..what family dog isn’t, right?  As bad as he is most of the time…and I really mean most of the time…he’s the first dog to steal my heart.  Don’t freak out, but I’m actually more of a cat person.  Sickening to most of you, I know, but I figured I should probably just get that out in the open.  So here is my sweet puppy, who goes by a variety of nicknames, including but not limited to phoneash, neash, meesh, meesh-mash, sweet meash, and sweetspeets.  Oh, and troll.   Now that all of you are gagging from puppy love, take a good look at him and tell me he doesn’t make you squeal with adoration.

day thirteen.

Another busy day.  I think I should start planning my photos ahead of time..the whole point of this 100 day challenge is to get better, not to stay at the same level simply because I didn’t take the time.  Anyway today I was thinking about what my pictures could be today..I was really at a loss until I got to work.  It was just one of those days where I didn’t want to be there. I work as an office cleaner at  night, pretty much all by myself, so it tends to get pretty boring.  The longer I’ve been working as a cleaner, the more desperate I am to go to Indy and have a new job, preferably one where I see daylight..
I got particularly frustrated with my job tonight. I left for work later than I wanted to, drove all the way to work only to realize I forgot one of my building keys.  So I had to drive all the way back and pick it up.  Just one of those little things that makes you want to quit purely out of irritation.  Well as I’m cleaning one of my buildings, I come across a series of paintings.  I know this will seem silly, but every time I’m mad, I look at these paintings and feel a little bit better.  They’re the kind of paintings you would find at a grandmother’s house, but if I got ahold of them I’d put them in my own house in a heartbeat simply because they make me happy while I work at a job I don’t particularly enjoy.  It’s just a small way of seeing that there is something good to be found in the things we don’t like in life. Even if it’s a couple of silly paintings in an office building.