girlfriends photoshoot!

I got asked by one of the great gals at my church to do a photo shoot of her group of girlfriends..I have to say, this fine group of ladies were a total blast to take pictures of!  They were all just so fun and easy to get along with that it made the 90 degree weather totally bearable. :) Enjoy!

Giant catfish!!

coffee table diy!

This project was actually done towards the beginning of the summer, but really, who has time to blog in the summer…..

…okay bad excuse.  But here I am, posting once again!

I diy-ed a coffee table for my future home with my future hubby!  Of course, now I have to leave the poor thing in storage for 8 more months, but that’s the only price I had to pay….literally!

I can’t take all the credit for this beauty parents actually found it in someone’s garage sale trash (they’re serious experts at finding things on the side of the far we haven’t accumulated any bugs from their little treasures..haha) and brought it home to see if I’d like to remodel it.  As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t say no.  It had fantastic potential.  (I forgot to save the original picture of the table, so you’ll just have to look through all the goop on the top, everything was this cherry color)

So this was the table, as you can see I added some paint stripper on the top.   Here’s some of the details

So I set about putting on all that gunky stuff (paint stripper).

After I scraped it all off, I was left with this really gorgeous faded wood color on top.

After scraping, I flipped the table over and sanded down the legs (please ignore my chipping nail polish..)

Then, I used an espresso brown spray paint to paint the legs.  Oh, the wonders you can create with a good spray paint… :)

Finally, I had my stepdad sand the top to a nice smooth finish. (LOVE the effect the dust makes in this picture.)

And voila.  I now have a pretty sweet lookin coffee table if I do say so myself.  A nice mix of feminine with the beading around the sides and masculine with the raw wood color on top. 

Soon enough, you’ll see a picture of this table in it’s new home in Indianapolis… :)

Hopefully I’ll have time to post again soon!

Has anyone else remade any of their old tables?  I’d like to hear about it!  Leave a comment :)