thunderstorms, round two.

After this morning, the sky cleared up for most of the day, but later tonight I went out with my boyfriend, Matt, and the storms came back in full force.  We had to stop and get some photos of the city, because even though it kinda looked like we could be whisked off to Oz at any second, it was simply breath-taking out there.  I only got a few shots though, because, well, we were running as fast as we could to avoid getting struck by lightning…



Matt edited this one first, and then I edited the second one..he got creative with the green and it actually turned out really well, definitely emphasizes how scary it was out there..


If I wasn’t afraid for my life I really could have stayed out there and shot pictures of this storm until it passed, but those clouds seriously didn’t look too inviting..I’m much happier to be back in my safe little dorm room with the few pictures I did get than fried on the sidewalk after a lightning strike.  Just sayin’.



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