all in the family.

I’m coloring my hair right now, and since I’ve still got a while until I can take the color out, I thought I’d post.

Really, I should be on my way back to Cincinnati right now, but I didn’t feel like driving the 3 hours yet, plus my class was cancelled this morning and by the time I originally would have left I would have been late for work anyway so I decided I’m not leaving until later this afternoon.  Not that you all care about that…I don’t  even care about that.

I’ve been thinking about family a lot lately.  We went to Wisconsin this weekend to visit my stepdad’s family…he’s got 6 other brothers and sisters so it’s usually a pretty big group when we all get together.  Add that with the fact that they love to talk and drink and you’ve got yourself one heck of a family get together.

I love it.

So anyway, on the drive home, I’m thinking about all the crazy people in my family, not just my stepdad’s side, but my mom’s and my dad’s, and as crazy as they all are, I can’t help but feel a sense of comfort.

Ahh, hold that thought, I gotta go wash my hair out.  Oh, the troubles of trying to stay blonde…

…Back!  Hopefully I didn’t lose my train of thought..

Right, anyway, I just have to say, whatever kind of family you have, whether they’re loud and rambunctious, quiet and slightly boring, whether they’re all up in yo biznaz, or never ask you a single question about your life, your family is your family.  They will always be your family.  I’m learning to be thankful for that.   If we were all being honest, even considering the things about our families that simply drive us up the wall, we would miss them if they weren’t around.  (Sorry, little bit of a morbid thought there.) I would much rather be around my wild’n’crazy fam than never have them around at all, because when it comes down to it, my family is beautiful.  Through all the problems and all the drama and all the crying and fighting and laughing, I couldn’t go a day without them.   God put all the families together according to what they could handle, and what they really truly would miss if they didn’t have the little hole filled in their lives.  He knows that most families are going to argue every day(seriously, are there any that don’t?), but that they’ll love each other more than they could ever imagine.  He didn’t make us to be happy with our families each second of the day, but he knew we’d find joy in them more and more each year. The older I get, the more I appreciate time with my family and the way we do things.

Anyone else feel this way?  I bet there’s some pretty stupid awesome family stories out there.  You know, the kind of stories that in the heat of the moment make you want to fly to another country, but a few weeks or years later make you glad you never left?

Well that’s all I’ve got for today.  I should probably start making plans to head back to school soon.  Booo.  Maybe I’ll drop out, yea?   I mean, I’ve only got exactly 2 months left, no biggie.  :)



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