sweet miracle.

God is so good.

Last night, at 12:48 am, Liam Douglas Delagrange was born to Evan and Janelle Delagrange.  He’s completely healthy, 8 pounds exactly, and absolutely beautiful.  (Or I guess, studly and handsome, since he’s a boy!)

I’ve never actually experienced a birth before; I’ve only seen it on TLC or heard stories from other people, so being there last night was the most incredible experience for me.  Words cannot describe what it’s like to see your best friend going through labor, taking a thousand quick breaths to ease the pain of contractions, and then seeing the look on her face when she’s holding her firstborn, a sweet son with her dad’s dimple and her own little button nose.  I have never been more proud of her since we became friends in 8th grade.

I guess you probably want to know what this little guy looks like, and if you don’t, deal with it, ’cause I’m posting pictures whether you like it or not ;)


Please.  Take a look at the dimple.  and the little squishy nose.  :)



Papa and sweet baby boy :)



Of course, I had to sneak in a picture of aunt and nephew…one eye open! Ahhhhh, he is just so cute!



This picture makes me want to cry every single time.

I didn’t take this next one of Janelle, but it’s just so strikingly beautiful I can’t help but put it on here.


To me, there is nothing more beautiful than that.  God sure knew what he was doing when he created birth.  As my mom said, “new babies are just one of those things that never cease to be a miracle, every single time.”

I really want to write more, but I’d much rather hold that teeny bundle again, so I’ll post later if I feel like it but for now I’m gonna get ready and go see him here in a bit.  So excited!


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