work it out.

March should NOT have hit me this fast.  Ohio has basically had one week of winter, so it’s not like I didn’t realize the warm weather is coming.  Either way, spring break starts in..well..tomorrow, and probably unlike most people, I’m thankful I’m not going anywhere that requires bikinis and suntanning.  Why?  Because I basically forgot about that whole “work out” thing.


…my thought’s exactly.

Anywho, today, being the start of a new month, I became motivated to begin the dreaded work out process.   Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for about a week now, today just happened to be the first day I actually wanted to start.  A few things led me up to this sudden boost of motivation, and for anyone who cares, I’ll list those few things, because what would a blog be without a good list??

1.  The Weather Change: Spring is in the air, which means summer is just around the corner, and I would just love to lay out in the sun and not be thinking about how much I wished I would have planned ahead and made my body as healthy as possible.

2. A Serious Lack of Nutrition:  My school, like most colleges, is really big on fried foods and ice cream.  Let me tell you, it is fantastic when you’re a freshman and you can finally eat those horrifically unhealthy meals your parents never even let you set eyes on, but once you’re a third year and you’re about ready to graduate, the food is old and all you really, truly want is one of those healthy meals made by your mom that you hated, not so long ago.

3.  (A Wee Bit More Serious) That Minor Disability:  Probably my number one motivation to get healthy?  I’ve got scoliosis, my friends.  (Scoliosis=a crooked back, basically.)  I’ve had it since 7th grade, and aside from a few chiropractor visits in middle school, I’ve never had serious treatment.  But I’m glad for that, I loathe being “fixed” by doctors and I never had to wear the super humiliating back brace.  My scoliosis isn’t super serious, but serious enough that it’s a constant discomfort and there is a noticeable bend-and-twist in my spine.  Through lots and lots..and lots of research, I’ve found that a lot of people say that things like pilates and yoga seem to help, at least with the pain, and being that I’m getting older and my body is constantly changing, the pain has probably gotten a little worse over the years, and I’m determined to make a difference through exercising!  (I am going to a chiropractor this summer though, just to make sure it’s not getting any worse.)

4. I Shouldn’t Trash a Body That Isn’t Mine to Trash: A tie with number three on being my number one motivation: God gave me the body I have, and I really should be doing a better job of taking care of it.  Ya heard?

SO.  I’m setting up a workout plan for myself.  The food thing will be a little more difficult, since it’s a battle every day to find healthy foods that taste good here at school, as opposed to the fried things that taste so. much. better.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  I will take advantage of the $25 gym pass to Urban Active.  I’d be an idiot not to, this gym is super nice and usually costs a LOT more.  (Thank youuu student benefits.)

Tuesday/Thursday:  Those fairly pricey Pilates and Yoga videos that my amazing mom bought for me to use for my back will be put to use.  And my Barbie-pink yoga mat.  Yippee!

Weekends: Choose a workout on Saturday, Rest on Sunday.

As for the food, let’s just start off nice and easy.  I’ll just make it a goal to eat the healthier foods as often as possible.  Junk food shall come in much, much smaller doses.

And thus begins my summer prep.  :)

so true.


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