keepin’ it toasty.

I’ve been workin’ my little fingers off this last week, which is why I haven’t posted much.  But there were some special events going on and I had to get things prepared.  My best friend Pam turned 21 on the 7th, and my other best friend Janelle had her baby shower yesterday, so I decided to make some handmade gifts for them this year.  I made a scarf for Pamela, and a baby blanket for “baby D” as they call him..or her..we don’t know yet :)  Anywho, I thought I’d share my projects with you!

This is the scarf  (By the way, I crocheted everything, no idea what the stitch is called though so sorry if anyone wanted to know!)

It’s an infinity scarf so it connects into a circle and wraps around :)

anddd here’s the blanket

I ended up putting little fringes on the end as well but I gave it to her before I could get a picture of it.  It’s the same stitch as the scarf, super easy if you’ve crocheted before.  It’s about 3ft by 3ft or so..totally an estimation but who cares.

So there they are!  You’d think after all that crocheting I’d be sick of it but I’m already dying to make some other little projects with my extra yarn.  I’ll post pictures if I end up making anything this week.  Just call me Grammy Emily!


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