let’s get together, yea yea yea.

If anyone has been blessed with the most beautiful friendships, it’s me.

See this picture below?  That, my friends, is the unbreakable trio. The two gorgeous girls on the right?  Those are my best friends.  (And if somehow you don’t know, that’s me on the left…that dark hair is long gone though.)

These girls are my definition of kindred spirits.

Confession: I don’t normally like writing about friendships.  I think it’s a little cliche, and quite honestly, I also think it’s super cheesy.  But I’m feeling a little sentimental today.  I’m missing my sisters, as they’re both in different cities and I haven’t seen them in weeks.  Thus, the post about how amazing friendships can be when you have the right ones.

Key phrase here: the right ones.  As in, there’s such a thing as good and bad friendships.  I’ve been in enough of the bad ones to know how awful it can be when you don’t have good friends.  So I’ve really learned to cherish the good ones.  It is rare to find that perfect friendship, and to keep it for more than just a season or two.  But I’ve been given not just one rare friendship, but two, and I’ve had both of them since high school.  Janelle is the one in the middle of the picture.  We’ve been friends since the end of eighth grade. (That’s almost 8 years people!) She is also married and about to have a BABY IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED.  Pamela is on the right side of the picture.  She has the most beautiful singing voice anyone could ever hear. EVER. She can make me smile no matter what kind of day I’m having, because she’s just that awesome.  I hope you don’t mind me bragging about my fantastic friends.  I just think they deserve the whole world to know how fantastic they are.  And if you’re someone who is still waiting on that rare friendship (gosh this sounds so cheesy, but I mean it will all my cheesy little heart) just keep on looking.  Because, seriously, when you find a good friend, there’s nothing else in the world like it.

Just a little tid-bit I thought I’d share today. :)

Oh and also, if you’re looking for a good, unique friend verse, look up Ruth 1:16-17.  It’s the verse Janelle and I gave ourselves back in the good ol’ days.



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