I’ve been trying to find that one thing that I’m so passionate about that I could blog about it every day.  I’m talking about a hobby that’s so spectacular that I can’t get away from it.  Well, if I haven’t found exactly what I’ve been looking for, I found something pretty close.

Film Photography.  I am in love.

I think I can safely say I enjoy it more than digital..there’s just something about knowing you were the one that did all the work to make the picture turn out the way it did.  It’s like an emotional release for me, just me, my camera, and the scenery God gave me.  I’m even contemplating throwing out a couple hundred bucks to buy film and paper so I can take a million shots and live in the dark room.  Basically.

I’m taking a photography class at Xavier University and we’re doing film right now..I’ve done it before, in high school.  But in high school I didn’t have much experience with film OR digital, so now that I can compare the two I’ve just been blown away by an adoration for film and darkroom developing.

SO.  I thought I’d post a picture of the most recent project I did for the class; ABC’s in city and nature.

We had to find letters out of objects that aren’t letters.  I had a lot of issues with getting film and paper, so I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted to, but the ones I did get were pretty fun.  I spelled out roxi with my letters, on accident.  They just happened to be the letters I found during my photo shoot.  My fingers are already itching to go out and start shooting our next project, and since today is pretty overcast I want to try to get out there as soon as possible.  :)

Anyway, enough babbling.  Have a lovely day, whoever decided to read this today!