The creative juices were flowing today, and along with all the things I got done this afternoon, I cooked a meal completely from scratch.  It was easy; I’m sure it’s been made a million times before, but just doing something different than what I normally do was extremely refreshing.  It’s macaroni and cheese with orange peppers and tomatoes, with a side of sliced cucumbers drenched in lime and salt.  And it wasn’t half bad!



I also found a new photographer whose pictures I immediately fell in love with; his name is Theo Wenner. His style is a lot like the kind of photos I would love to be able to take someday.  Here’s one so you can get an idea:

Theo Wenner14

Anyway, this probably seems like a pointless post.  Maybe that’s because it is, sort of.  But I just wanted to update on some of the new things going on,  small as they may be.



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